2008-09 NBA Season Predictions

I was going to do a write up about each team, but I wrote a whole page just doing the Atlantic division, so I thought it best just to give my picks instead. I should also note that I am biases with the Heat do to the huge man crush I have of D-Wade.

1. Boston_________1. Cleveland__________1. Orlando
2. Philadelphia____2. Detroit____________2. Miami
3. Toronto________3. Milwaukee_________3. Atlanta
4. New Jersey_____4. Chicago____________4. Washington
5. New York_______5. Indiana____________5. Charlotte

1. Utah____________1. New Orleans______1. LA Lakers
2. Portland_________2. Houston__________2.Phoenix
3. Denver__________3. Dallas___________3. Golden State
4. Oklahoma City____4. San Antonio_______4. Sacramento
5. Minnesota_______5. Memphis_________5. LA Clippers

Round 1
1. Boston over 8. Atlanta_______1. Lakers over 8. San Antonio
7. Miami over 2. Cleveland_____2. New Orleans over 7. Dallas
3. Orlando over 6. Milwaukee___3. Houston over 6. Portland
4. Detroit over 5. Philadelphia__5. Phoenix over 4. Utah
Round 2
1. Boston over 7. Miami_________1. Lakers over 5. Phoenix
3. Orlando over 4. Detroit_______3. Houston over 2. New Orleans
Conference Finals
3. Orlando over 1. Boston________1. Lakers over 3. Houston

Los Angles Lakers over Orlando Magic (in 5 games)

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