2009 College Football Predictions

1. Florida State________1. Georgia Tech
2. NC State___________2. Virginia Tech
3. Wake Forest________3. Miami
4. Clemson___________4. North Carolina
5. Boston College______5. Virginia
6. Maryland___________6. Duke

ACC CHAMPIONSHIP–> Florida St. over Georgia Tech
— I believe that FSU, GT, and VT are the three best teams in the conference, and VT gets the short end of the stick due to improvements in GT with them being in the second year of Paul Johnson’s system and VT’s RB Evans out for the year. While Wake should also be decent they need to make up for the losses of several key defensive players. Look for NC State to maybe make some real progress with Russell Wilson at QB, and the one other real dark horse could be Miami if there your talent can develop quickly and they can survive there first 4 games (@FSU, GT, @VT, Oklahoma).

1. Pittsburgh
2. Cincinnati
3. South Florida
4. West Virginia
5. Rutgers
6. UConn
7. Louisville
8. Syracuse

— Big East took big steps last year to becoming a respectable conference once again, but this year they may take a half step back due to teams like Rutgers, West Virginia, and UConn lossing key players who pretty much carried there teams offensively last year (Teal, Brown, White). This year it is put up or shut up time for Dave Wannstedt, who has been stock piling talent in Pittsburgh with only mild success, and Grothe and Selvie at South Florida, both bursted onto the scene during there Freshman and first half of there Sophmore year but have faded to the back of peoples minds since.

1. Penn St.
2. Ohio St.
3. Michigan St.
4. Wisconsin
5. Illinois
6. Iowa
7. Michigan
8. Minnesota
9. Northwestern
10. Purdue
11. Indiana

Good news if you are like me and hate having to sit threw another BCS game with Ohio St. getting thrashed by either a SEC or PAC-10, Ohio St. won’t be around for that. Losses to USC and at Penn St. should knock Ohio St. out of BCS contention… I hope. Bad news is that Big Ten still have to send a team to a BCS game, this year it should be Penn St. who has a fairly easy schedule with Ohio St. coming to Happy Valley and the worst road game is at Michigan St. where Penn St. could be going for an undefeated season and the right to lose by 30+ to Florida in the Championship.

BIG 12
1. Texas___________1. Kansas
2. Oklahoma________2. Nebraska
3. Oklahoma St.______3. Colorado
4. Baylor___________4. Missouri
5. Texas Tech_______5. Kansas St.
6. Texas A&M_______6. Iowa St.

BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP–> Texas over Kansas
— I wonder if there has been any talk inside the Big 12 of reorganizing the conference, because it doesn’t seem like the North has really been any good since Nebraska go smoked by K State in the Big 12 Championship in 2000. However until some change is mad it looks as though the real Big 12 Championship game is going to held in Dallas on Oct. 17 when Texas and Oklahoma meet up. I give Texas the slight edge because Oklahoma loss 4 starting O-line men plus a few other big time players. The one team that could crash the OU/Texas dominance is Oklahoma St. who might have the best QB/RB/WR combo of the bunch (Robinson/Hunter/Bryant), however OK St. also has the worst defense of the three.

1. Southern Cal
2. California
3. Oregon
4. Oregon St.
6. Arizona
7. Stanford
8. Arizona St.
9. Washington
10. Washington St.

–Not going to lie, the only reason I picked USC to win the conference is just because someone will need to prove to me that they are better the USC for me to start picking otherwise. USC has to go on the road to play Ohio St, Notre Dame, Oregon, and at Cal (who I really like), they loss a ton of talent on defense, plus they also have to start a first year QB as well this year. That all being said, USC this past decade has been just able to reload every year and don’t seem bothered by losing top talent. If USC were to fail to retain there crown it will most likely be taken by California who brings back Jahvid Best, is going to be the best RB in college football this year.

1. Florida__________1. LSU
2. Georgia_________2. Ole Miss
3. South Carolina____3. Alabama
4. Tennessee_______4. Arkansas
5. Kentucky_________5. Auburn
6. Vanderbilt________6. Mississippi St.


–Really what will be interesting about the SEC this year will not be whether or not Florida will be able to retain there SEC crown, but who will they play in the SEC Championship. Florida’s schedule is laughably easy outside of the game at LSU, the next toughest game is either home Tennessee or home against FSU. But the race in the west should be a good one with a retooled LSU, an Alabama team that should fall down to the pack with Wilson, Coffee and Smith all gone, an Ole Miss team that is led by the best passing QB in the conference in Sneed, and finally some people believe that Bobby Petrino has Arkansas ready to open some eyes this year. In then end though, just like the BCS Championship, the SEC is Florida’s to lose.

SUGER–> LSU over California
ORANGE–> Florida St. over Pittsburgh
ROSE–> Southern Cal over Penn St.
FIESTA–> Oklahoma over TCU
BCS CHAMPIONSHIP–> Florida over Texas

Heisman Trophy Winner–> Colt McCoy, QB Texas Longhorns

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