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Marlin Sized Mess

Most people excepted the Marlins firing of Fredi Gonzalez as something that was inevitable, but after its failure to hire a replacement it maybe time to start questioning its ownership. Continue reading

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Who should go where and why in NBA free agency

NBA free agency is the biggest topic in sports, but with all of the rumors going around and every talking head giving their opinion the real question is where Should these players actually go. Continue reading

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Kobe Bryant is Great, but he is Not the Greatest

With Kobe winning his 5th NBA title, it cements him as one of the top players in NBA history, however, people need to calm down with their praise. Kobe may be great, but he isn’t the greatest Laker and he sure isn’t the greatest of all time/ Continue reading

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Texas Ending Conference Realignment Talks…for now

With the Texas Longhorns staying in the Big 12 it has all but stopped the conference realignment talk, but with Texas’ Texas size deal may actually cause the topic to reemerge within the next decade. Continue reading

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What About Us? : The Big East’s non-Football School

If the NCAA does go to the Super Conference format, what will happen to the 8 Big East Schools that do not play D1 football ? Continue reading

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