Too Little Too Late from LeBron

A month after leaving his hometown team, LeBron has taken out a full page add in the Akron Beacon Journal.  But this just looks like another public misstep for James.  Had LeBron done this add the day after ‘The Decision’ then the people of Akron would have set the papers on fire because they were so mad at LeBron, a few days later would have been the best time to do such an add.  Now though, it just looks like an after thought when you consider Zydrunas Ilgauskas did this same thing two days before in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  When Big Z did this it look sincere, but now that LeBron has come out and done it second it looks as though he is just copying Ilgauskas.  There is no doubt that LeBron did this because he still loves his hometown, but he does not feel bad about ditching the Cavs, he does not even mention the Cavilers in his letter and the photo is of him doing community service work.  I don’t know who LeBron’s PR people are, but he should really consider getting rid of them.  Between ‘The Decision” and now this letter, not to mention his poor performance in the final games of the 2010 playoff, LeBron’s image has taken a major hit and it may take several years to undo the damage that has been none in only the matter of a month or so.

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1 Response to Too Little Too Late from LeBron

  1. WOW… All that time to build an image only to have it destroyed in a matter of minutes, it seems. Just goes to show, you have to be careful with who’s handling your business for you.

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