2010 NFL Season Preview Part 8: AFC East

Mark Sanchez

1) New York Jets- (11-5) – With Revis back it should go without saying that the Jets defense is not only elite, but also it is the best in the NFL this year.  As for the offense on the other hand I am not as sure about.  A full year of Braylon Edwards, and the addition of Santonio Holmes (though he is suspended for the first few games) should help Mark Sanchez, who despite what others remember he did not play that great last year.  Last year he had Thomas Jones helped take the pressure off of Sanchez, this year though he is going to hope the Shonn Greene can carry the load and LaDainian Tomlinson will be there to back him up.  It will be an interesting  season for the Jets, even if they are much improved the Jets went 9-7 on a weak schedule last year and this year with a much tougher schedule they should be only 11-5 at best.

Ronnie Brown

2) Miami Dolphins- (11-5) – I am a Dolphins fans so yes some of that maybe going into me picking the Dolphins to have this many wins, and yes I do know that the Dolphins were not able to put pressure on the opposing quarterbacks in preseason and they the running game was not that good either, but I doubt that will be the case in the regular season.  New defensive coordinator Mike Nolan likes to bring the pressure in a variety a variety of difference blitz packages, none of which were shown this preseason.  As for the running game, the Dolphins have been one of the better rushing teams in the NFL when Ricky and Ronnie are healthy (which they are) and this year the Dolphins have their best offensive line in a few years.  This is all not to mention that Chad Henne looked last year like the guy the Dolphins have been looking for since Marino retired, and now he has Brandon Marshall to throw to and Anthony Fasano could have a big year at the tight end position.  The one concern I have about the Dolphins young secondary (FS Chris Clemons, CB Vonte Davis, CB Sean Smith), these guys looked good at times last year, but seemed really out matched in preseason.  If they continue to underachieve Will Allen will take over for one of the two (most likely Sean Smith) when he is healthy.

Tom Brady

3) New England Patriots- (8-8) – Ok no doubt this might be my most insane pick.  Tom Brady is still an elite quarterback and he is going to have a healthy Wes Welker and and Randy Moss is going to be at the top of his game while playing for a new contract.  But the Pats are a very flawed team.  The offensive line is not what it used to be, and despite having Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris, Laurence Maroney, and Kevin Faulk the Patriots do not have a reliable running game to balance out their offense.  On the defensive side they have Vince Wilfork, Jared Mayo, and Brandon Meriweather, all great players, but over all they are very flawed.  New England has no real pass rush and they also have an average at best secondary.  All that considered and then you take a look at their schedule and its the reason why the Patriots are going to fall back to earth this year.  The Patriots have to play the Jets and the Dolphins twice, the Cincinnati, Baltimore, San Diego, Indianapolis, and Green Bay all have fantastic passing games (we will see about Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota), and Green Bay, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Jets all have fantastic secondaries that can slow down Brady.  If I get this right I am awesome, if I am wrong than oh well I than I am just like everyone else.

Jairus Byrd

4) Buffalo Bills- (3-13) – Very simply the Bills are a team with very little  talent.  While Jarius Byrd, Lee Evans, and Fred Jackson are all good players it could be argued that rookie C.J. Spiller could be the most talented player on the roster.  The Bills would probably have more wins with the same roster any other year, but this year the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots are all much better teams and then they have to go and play the AFC and NFC north divisions.  Any win for the Bills this year outside of Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Detroit will be a real upset.

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