About BC Castaldo

I’m a young University of Miami alumnus who majored in Video Film and Political Science.  Although I am originally for Hartford, Connecticut I stayed in Miami after college because Connecticut blows.  I current work for Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network as a videographer and editor covering the biggest games and events in South Florida youth football.  I have a real passion for sports and can be often be found at nights watching whatever game is on.

BC Castaldo

I will try to have new post at least once a week, but I will try to cover all the major current sports stories.  Although I try and stay objective in my writing, I am bias and will primarily write about my favorite sports team (Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Miami Hurricanes, Florida Marlins and Baltimore Orioles).  It also should be noted that my Holy Trinity of athletes growing up was Cal Ripken Jr., Dan Marino, and Michael Jordan.  I also have nothing but blind hatred towards all New England sports teams (Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Boston College, UConn, and New England Patriots) and also as a Canes I also am forced to dislike Florida St. and Florida.  Please feel free to post any comments you have (yes I already know my spelling and grammar sucks).  I really am interested in hearing others peoples views and making the site the best that it can be.  Also be sure to sign up for a subscription to be notified for my latest blog posts.


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